The historic "Güntzpalace" in the heart of Dresden

The district Johannstadt is the site of the medical University "Carl Gustav Carus", and a variety of other academic institutions and professional musical schools. It is located on the left bank center of the state capital Dresden.

The world famous baroque old town, the green meadows of the river Elbe and the city park "Great Garden" are reachable on foot in few minutes.

The property is located centrally on the Güntzstraße.

The environment is characterized by older, renovated buildings and modern functional buildings. In the vicinity there are e.g. The "Transparent Factory" of the automotive group Volkswagen, the Hygiene-Museum, many office buildings of the Technical University Dresden, banks and insurance companies.

All daily facilities and public transport stops are located in close walking distance.

Located between the three major transportation hubs, include the campus of the University, the city with the train station, the Neustadt train station and the technology and industrial park of the companies AMD and Infineon. These are quickly accessible by car and public transport.

Various shops, leisure facilities and medical supplies are in the immediate vicinity of the object.
Car parking space is plentiful available on the property and on public roads.