The company "Helenos Immobilienverwaltung GmbH" (Helenos Property Management GmbH)

As the Helenos Property Management GmbH, we are familiar with the needs of poperty and real estate investors. We are aware of the many demands and we do act responsibly for our clients.

Our clients

We service all different types of investors, from small privat investors to large institutional investors. We manage condominiums, multifamily buildings, apartment houses, hotels and residential units from our investors, in condominium communities including the special property management.

Our locations

Subject of our business is the management of residential and commercial properties with a focus on the real estate market of eastern germany. Dresden is home to our central commercial administration. The optimal management of the property requires the proximity to the object. Therefore we have organized the technical management of our locations locally.

Our services

If you wish detailed information about our comprehensive management services and information about our concierge and care taker service, please refer to the homepage of our partner company.

With our strategic partnerships in the leasing and construction management department, we create sustainable competitive advantages for the benefit of our clients. Our partner company, the Alpha Centauri Project Development GmbH, takes care of the professional rental of residential and commercial properties.

Another strategic division of our company is providing professional services for constructional engineering tasks and issues around the property. The AP Bau GmbH is a specialist for all tasks on the subjects of planning, architecture, tender, specifications, restoration and renovation, removal of defects, maintenance and performance inspection.

  • You wish consultancy free of obligation?

  • You have problems with your current property management?

  • You wish to expand or you are plannig a renovation?

  • Please contact us! We are happy to help!

We, the Helenos Property Management GmbH know the needs and habits of the tenants and investors. We have excellent contacts with all relevant authorities.


  • Dresden

  • Rostock

  • Berlin

  • Erfurt

  • Leipzig

  • Halle

  • Chemnitz

  • Bad Salzungen